Technical support of iConnect


Smartphone compatability


Basic system requirements:


-          iOS version: 4.3 or above (iPhone 3GS or above; iPod touch 4th generation or above; iPad)


-          Android version: 2.3.3 or above; Android phone display resolution: 320 x 480 pixels or above


Note:  Some Android phones that meet the above requirements may still have difficulty in operating the app due to variations in internet protocol implementation. One identified model is LG Optimus L5.



Router compatability


Any conventional router for home networking application, that is, allowing network devices connected to it to communicate with each other, should be able to work with the iConnect gateway.


If possible, please check the user manual and any F.A.Q. of your router model or check with the router manufacturer to confirm if inter-device communication is enabled by default.


Alternatively, you can do a network ping test on your iPhone for a quick test. Firstly, download and install an iPhone App for network ping such as Network Ping Lite or Free Ping. Then, connect a computer to the router via an Ethernet cable and check the IP address assigned to it through the Local Area Network window. Afterwards, ping this IP address on the iPhone ping test app. If some data are received, the inter-device communication is enabled and the iConnect gateway should be able to work with this router.


Special router models with connection issues:


1.      Fritz!Box


We found from the Fritz!Box web site FAQ section that the default router setting does not support the inter-communication between the devices connected to different ports of the router. Please follow the steps below (copied from the FAQ section) to enable the inter-communication.

1.                            Open the FRITZ!Box router setting interface on the browser of your computer.

2.                            "Settings" > "System" > "Expert Mode"

3.                            Check the option "Show expert settings".

4.                            Click "Apply".

5.                            "System" > "Network Settings" > "IP Addresses"

6.                            Activate the option "All computers are located in the same IP network".

7.                            Click "Apply".

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